Hey, hi, hello! Congratulations, you’ve made it to my blog and I’m so glad that you’re here.

For the next 9 weeks and beyond, I plan to use this space to blog weekly about writing in the public relations realm, best copy editing practices, and all things word-nerd. My aim is to explore the editing world before I officially enter it come June 2017 when I graduate from the University of Oregon.

Throughout my years at the U of O, I have taken every opportunity to hone my skills and gain valuable editing experience. Currently, I am the writing assistant for the Asian-exchange students at the U of O Center for Applied Second Language Studies where I am responsible for editing and grading weekly essays and application essays. Additionally, I hold writing tutoring for the women of Delta Gamma, the fraternity in which I am both an active member and served  as the Vice President of Communications.

For as long as I can remember, I have paid special attention to words and their meanings, punctuation and its many usages, and the tone underlying any written content. This habit was born from and fueled by my love of reading, a practice I hold dear to my heart. I truly owe my passion for the written word to Grandma Judy, who gave me books instead of Barbie dolls for Christmas during my formative years.

While you’re here, you can expect writing tips, typographical pitfalls, personal editing anecdotes, and no shortage of Harry Potter jokes. Though I am undeniably excited about grammar and writing, I recognize that not very many other people share my passion.

Copy editing is, admittedly, not glamorous, but it is important in the public relations industry. Throughout the coming weeks, I hope to share my enthusiasm, or at the very least a few seeds of knowledge.






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