About Me


Hello! My name is Katherine Wylie and I am a college senior hailing from Orange County, California. I am a recipient of the University of Oregon Summit Scholarship in pursuit of a public relations degree from the School of Journalism and Communication come June of 2017.

To fuel my proclivity for grammar, fine-tuning, and all things word-nerd, I serve as the writing tutor of Delta Gamma, the fraternity in which I am both an active member and Vice President of Communication. I am also the writing assistant at the University of Oregon’s Center for Applied Second Language Studies, where I am responsible for editing and grading the work of Asian-exchange students and grad students. Within the journalism program at the U of O, I have been chosen to be an account executive in Allen Hall Public Relations, a student-run public relations firm that produces real content for real clients.

Looking forward, I am pursuing a career in the copy editing industry, and I plan to grow into and excel at a position within a national publishing company. To prepare for such a role, I work to develop my skills by focusing on unique syntax in everything I read, using diction that communicates my intended message and tone, studying grammar and style textbooks outside of class, and lastly editing any piece of writing that comes my way from both peers and employers.